About Us

We are a small community in Central, West and East Africa of about 100,00 people. We do local mining every day and we are capable of producing about 50 kg every day.

Artisanal and small-scale gold mining has become part of the livelihood strategy for a large section of the rural population in West & East Africa. In some areas of the country, two out of three households have at least one family member working at an artisanal or small-scale mine. Whether this leads to a de-agrarianization of the rural area or rather to a diversification of livelihood strategies is debated. Using a mixed research methods approach, we analyze the interaction between agriculture and VMM at the household level at four mining sites in the corresponding villages in Central, West & East Africa. We focus, in particular, on how labor and capital are allocated, and how mine workers reinvest their eventual revenues. We find that both mine characteristics and time devoted to mining influence the extent to which livelihood strategies change over time. Mineworkers who fully engage with mining and choose to pursue work at productive mines are the most likely to step up their livelihoods or discontinue agricultural activities. Others who work on less productive mines to complement their income during the dry season are more likely to stagnate or even see their situation worsen.

“We’re looking at options to mitigate the cash required for the second of those obligations. “We see ourselves as a junior diversified mining company at this stage and our strategy will be led by being able to make smart acquisitions, capitalise on the turnaround benefit of those acquisitions and then sell those sustainably improved assets, whether they be in platinum, gold or other metals and minerals. “What we really bring to the table is the ability to turn around assets that are not extremely well run.

We work hard to satisfy our customers demands. We are happy to help your business grow. If you’re looking for ;Gold Bars ,Copper Cathode ,Diamond,Tanzanite,HMS Scrap ,LMS Scrap ,Railway Scrap,Ceramic CPU scrap for Gold Nuggets,Silver Mercury, Red Mercury etc .

Our purpose is to bring development in all related villages rich with precious metals such as ; building schools , good roads , bridges , sport centers ,electricity , good drinking water , fight against poverty and also increase the standard of living of the villagers .